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Wow! It’s been over 2 months since we’ve posted anything meaningful, and though I’ve meant to give everyone an update I keep forgetting. The short of it is, is what started out as a Paschal break morphed into a long absence. It’s like we failed a perception check, fell into a deep hole, and just recently were rescued by a group of awkward elven hermits. So what happened to our intrepid geek priests? Continue reading

Fr. Steve and I usually record our podcasts every single week. Well, this week we ended up not recording one so we could plan a new five-week series for you. There are several of our listeners who say they enjoy our podcast and are interested, but don’t know a lot about what it is we’re talking about. Maybe you yourself are just wondering about some other aspects of what we’ve talked about so far. So, introducing:

The “I Don’t Know Anything About…” Series! 

Starting on March 20th er the following five weeks we’re going to give you a quick and dirty overview and entry point for some geeky stuff you hear a lot about but know nothing of.

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek
  • Comic Books
  • H.P. Lovecraft

We’re very excited to offer you this and hope you enjoy it; we have several other topics we’d like to cover! Drop us a line and let us know what else you’d like to hear!

Recently news came out of a father who, after reading a disturbing article about children being subject to sexual harassment on Roblox, gave it a try to see what his own children may be experiencing.

He said within 15 minutes of playing he “was shown sexual positions, and told he was ‘sexy’ and ‘cute’.”  The article goes on to say he was invited into a house and was propositioned for cyber-sex.

It’s always disturbing to hear these kinds of things happening. Roblox responded with all the protections provided, but obviously some things have slipped through the cracks. And they don’t work if parents just allow their children unfettered tablet or computer use.

Unfortunately there is risk in any community-style online game, so it’s important that we be extra diligent with our kids’ online safety. Predators are incredibly savvy with operating inside these frameworks and bypassing word filters and other safeguards. Parents have to remain vigilant and smart.

One site I use (and I’m not just plugging it because I work for the the archdiocesan office that oversees this program) is the Faith and Safety Blog, a joint venture between the The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. There are countless other resources out there though, so pick whatever you like best and read up. Stay smart, stay safe!


Source: Roblox iPad game: ‘Paedophiles can easily groom kids in chat rooms’, warns father – Kidspot

For the sake of cord-cutting in seminary I, several years ago, built an HTPC to host all of my music, movies, home videos, and photos (through Kodi and Plex). It turned out that for another $150 I could make a computer that would play games at better quality than my 360, so I gave it a spin and never looked back to console gaming. Since then I’ve been selling and upgrading my rigs for one reason or another, usually for spacial reasons (my last build was in an mini-ITX case + a home server in my basement from harvested parts). However, we ended up getting an Insignia 4k TV because it was cheaper than all the other 1080p. That, and because my electrical bill was going up due to 2 computers running all the time, I set my eyes on what I hope will be my final build for the foreseeable future. With gaming quality the way it is, I feel like I shouldn’t have to touch anything for a long time. You can see the entire build parts list here. I chose to use the SilverStone GD07 case because it looks like a receiver and has a locking front panel (bye-bye kids breaking my USB ports) that makes for a nice piece in an entertainment center.

However, things can be a little tight in the case, and I didn’t find any guide or photos to help me. So I wanted to share some of my experience for anyone who happens to be looking at using the same case. You could probably plan better than me!

Here we are at the glorious beginning! Note that GWB is on the weird art wall, ok?

Taking the top off the case you see there’s actually quite a bit of room, the handles pull out the HDD/SSD/5.25 rack

Pulling out the rack, then mounting the drives.


The SSD is mounted just below where my hand is. The three in a row is going to cause me problems as you’ll see.


I plan to overclock my i5 but I know nothing about water-cooling. This Noctuna heatsink + extra fan is supposed to do really well for OC.


Before I put my motherboard in I mount the PSU. You see there’s room to add extra fans or to move them around as needed (the latter probably).


You may notice that my heatsink fans are pointing another direction from the mobo photo. That’s because I feel like more heat will escape out the back rather than the side. I started running some cables just to get a better idea of where everything will lay.


I placed the GPU into the case and found that #1 it covers the entire SATA port #2 that it’s so long it goes into the HDD rack and I had to move one HDD over and #3, it covers up the space between the mobo and the case fans which is going to make running cables, not so much a pain but certainly ugly.


I bought a power extension type deal from SilverStone that allows me to power 4 drives on one plug. I’m not sure how else this could have been pulled off. Note the GPU hogging space. And the space below the GPU is so tight I’m having to go over it and then back under the HDD.


This is a final shot of what I had before buttoning everything up (then taking it all apart to replace a SATA cable). Try as I might I couldn’t get the mobo power cable to run underneath the GPU once the SATA cables were plugged in, so it, too, goes above the GPU.


In spite of having to run my cables over the GPU, there was enough room that I closed the case up without any issue. It runs whisper quiet and under load it’s much quieter than my mini-ITX build. I’m really excited about my 4k gaming experience so far, and glad to have all my files in one place so Plex will direct play and not waste a lot of energy transcoding.

Some things to consider:

  1. If you happen to plug all your HDDs in and Windows doesn’t recognize one and you need to swap cables, you’re going to have to unbutton this entire thing to do so.
  2. For my MOBO there is a switch to activate RAM overclocking. It’s all accessible without having to move everything around.
  3. In spite of how it looks, things aren’t that cramped; I just had to be as deliberate as possible with running cables.
  4. You might noticed my SATA cable poking up out from where my SSD is mounted. I didn’t have any straight cables on me and because space wasn’t really an issue I just plunged forward.
  5. I have a small concern with the GPU being nested in between the HDDs. There is an option to mount another HDD on the left, kind of free standing. I might do that if I’m seeing my GPU overheating.
  6. I could have purchased a hot-swap bay adapter to put one of my 3.5 drives into, but at the outset I felt I could do without it. I think for now I’m OK, but if I need to add another drive this will be the way I go.
  7. Consider the space you’re putting the computer into. The depth of the case is 19″ with cables plugged into the back, and you’ll need another 10″ or so in the front to drop down the front panel. This 2nd fact became painfully obvious to me when I noticed that the doors on my entertainment center prevent the front from coming down.
    1. This may not be a problem for some as the power buttons are still accessible. Right now I have USB extensions plugged into the back of the computer, so my overall need for the front panel to be down is minimal at this time.

You have any thoughts? Anything you’d tell me to do different? Let me know, because if there’s something I can do to minimize any problems down the road I want to fix it!

On last Monday’s podcast we announced we were giving away a copy of Gloom to whoever can write the best haiku about us or the podcast. You still have time!

Here’s the skinny:

  1. Go here
  2. Write a haiku
  3. Click send

It’s just that simple! Submit by the 17th, and we’ll announce the winner on the 20!

For anyone who’s come here over the last few days will notice that there are several subscribe links for different services. You’ll find most of them won’t work, because I haven’t heard back from Google, Apple, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can still subscribve over Android or by RSS. However, my podcasting service doesn’t give me the option to remove all of the other options. So, for now, if you want to subscribe you can do so by RSS, and, God willing, we’ll be on iTunes soon! We’re on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play!