Roblox iPad game: ‘Paedophiles can easily groom kids in chat rooms’, warns father – Kidspot

February 18, 2017

Recently news came out of a father who, after reading a disturbing article about children being subject to sexual harassment on Roblox, gave it a try to see what his own children may be experiencing.

He said within 15 minutes of playing he “was shown sexual positions, and told he was ‘sexy’ and ‘cute’.”  The article goes on to say he was invited into a house and was propositioned for cyber-sex.

It’s always disturbing to hear these kinds of things happening. Roblox responded with all the protections provided, but obviously some things have slipped through the cracks. And they don’t work if parents just allow their children unfettered tablet or computer use.

Unfortunately there is risk in any community-style online game, so it’s important that we be extra diligent with our kids’ online safety. Predators are incredibly savvy with operating inside these frameworks and bypassing word filters and other safeguards. Parents have to remain vigilant and smart.

One site I use (and I’m not just plugging it because I work for the the archdiocesan office that oversees this program) is the Faith and Safety Blog, a joint venture between the The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. There are countless other resources out there though, so pick whatever you like best and read up. Stay smart, stay safe!


Source: Roblox iPad game: ‘Paedophiles can easily groom kids in chat rooms’, warns father – Kidspot

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