Tack on Another Reason I Don’t Play Eve Online

October 11, 2016

I remember back in June of 2003, my wife and I standing behind my friend Chris while he showed me this “awesome new game” called Eve. It consisted of a bunch of ships bopping around the universe, and looked all-together pretty boring. So I just kept playing Ultima Online (Guardians of Light SP Guild Master!) and moved on with my life. And while that may be the plan to be a boring game, people still eat up Eve Online. Sure there are some epic battles, but there is also some crazy hijinks like this:

In what might be the largest real money bounty ever placed in a video game, one EVE Online player is offering $75,000 to be shared among pilots willing to help him evict one of EVE’s most notorious alliances from their territory.

That’s a real life $75k, not imperial shillings or whatever currency they use over there. And it’s being done because someone’s feelings got hurt, and then made a poor choice to share his cellphone number with complete strangers.

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